Sustainability - Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat
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Water Treatment Plant

Our in-house water treatment plant processes water from the lake for usage at the resort. The treatment removes contaminants and undesirable components, and reduces its concentration to ensure that the water is clean and safe for consumption.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The wastewater from our resort is treated by removing contaminants through physical, chemical and biological processes. Once treated, the wastewater is safe and suitable for release to the lake. The plant is fully operated by our trained staff.

Waste Management

To minimise wastage, our resort not only donates food that are in excess to the local community but also gives away food waste for them to feed their farm animals. This allows them to save cost as they do not have to spend on buying animal feed.


In addition, our in-house waste separation system dispose of minimal amount of non-recyclable garbage into garbage bins provided by the local authority. Items such as cans, metal and paper are recycled and sold to the recycling centre where the proceeds are used to fund our mini green project.

Conserve Energy

In doing our part to support energy conservation, our staff are trained to implement green practices at the resort. Several energy saving exercises are implemented at our resort such as switching off all street light from 12 midnight to 6.30pm and main electricity in unoccupied block, as well as usage of self-timing external lights at the common area and veranda in all blocks from 6.00am to 6.00pm. Guests are also encouraged to support our initiatives by monitoring their electricity, gas and water usage throughout their stay.

Reuse Linen & Towel

Our towel and linen reuse programme is aimed at reducing water consumption. Do let our housekeeping staff know if you intend to reuse these items.

Community participation

In line with our mission statement to provide employment opportunity and socio-economic benefits to the local community, we engage the service of nearby longhouses in our tourism activities. They participate by providing boat hire and guides for jungle trekking, selling local handicrafts, and renting out their homestay and other properties such as the waterfall and jungle trails.


Apart from that, the local community also creates and conducts longhouse activities for tourists, for examples, cultural performances, cooking and craft demonstrations, and farming activities.

Community-based Product

Drop by the souvenir shop and support our local community products. The craft and cottage items make a good gift for your loved ones.

Employment Opportunity

We provide employment opportunity for the local community especially the youth. This also helps to equip them with important skills and contribute towards increasing their household income.

Green Project Committee

The establishment of our Green Project Committee comprising the resort staff helps to oversee the implementation of our environment-friendly projects and practices. Apart from conducting staff training, the committee also consistently explore best-practice ideas for continuous improvement in our service and operate the resort in an environmentally friendly way.