Facilities - Aiman Batang Air Resort & Retreat
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Dine within the heart of our Rainforest

Try our delicious local cuisine at the Nanga Mepi Restaurant available from day to night. Experience the surrounding wooden interiors reflecting the reminisce of a tribal longhouse. Enjoy jungle barbecues that serves from international favorites to unforgettable local dishes such as the jungle ferns and delicacies cooked in bamboo.


Relax and unwind at our Wong Irup Lounge sipping on paradise cocktail or try our traditional rice wine also known as “tuak” or other home specialties.
Adventures like no other

Excursions and Activities

Step onto the ground of adventure. Explore the beauty underneath the rainforest canopy. For the thrill-seekers, embark on a journey at one of our difficult trails, Smuggler’s Trail or fulfil your rainforest fantasies by shooting rapids on a traditional longboat along the safari river. If it’s culture and heritage you’re looking for, visit our neigbouring exotic Iban longhouse.


Fill yourself and discover the unique simplicity or rich cultural history that is in store. To the ones who opted of a more relaxing escapade – venture out on a morning walk within the mist of the rainforest along with the natural residents, have a relaxing fishing getaway at the jetty, a jungle picnic by the waterfall, or luxuriate by the pool. Just simply sit back, relax and enjoy one of the most picturesque sunset between the greens you’ve seen in long time.

Unforgettable meetings

Meetings and Banquets


Here at Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat offers you an exciting venue for meetings, team building activities and incentive outings. We offer 3 function rooms that can accommodate 200 people with WiFi services available.


Our local expert team will provide an extensive range of services from assisting with customised activity programmes to organising themed dinners. Whatever and however the event, our commitment and attention to details will ensure that it is an event you’ll always remember.